Our Prayers

Please Hold in Prayer

We ask you to add to your prayers these members of our community and those whose names have been shared by community members. Whether we know their need or not, God knows.

You can request prayers for yourself or others using our Prayer Request Form.

  • Melina Church Babb, Kate Frisoli’s sister
  • The Frisoli’s friend, Jim O’Reilly
  • Barbara Simonson, who has entered Hospice care.
  • Kevin Paul, Winchester postmaster and friend of Crawford, who was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer
  • Stacey Hilliard’s friend Lucy, who has been diagnosed with stage 4, metastatic breast cancer 
  • Camille Gravallese, Sal Caraviello’s mom, who is recovering from breast cancer surgery.
  • Elizabeth (Libby) Knight, who is under Hospice care.
  • Peter Hobson’s cousin, Margaret, who has entered Hospice care
  • Karen Murphy’s friend, Beth May, who is facing major health issues caused by a brain tumor
  • Peter Hobson as he continues his recovery from multiple medical issues
  • Dawn, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy
  • Our Dix Street neighbors, Will Mackinnon and his family. Will is 11 years old and is a patient at Dana Faber. While his tumor is not life threatening, he will need to be on and off chemo for the rest of his life.
  • Prayers of thanksgiving for Charlotte Durkee, Linda’s cousin’s granddaughter, who has been declared cancer-free after extended treatment for leukemia. She and her family thank you for your prayers.
  • Joyce Marie Del Pino who has been diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia (Joyce is married to former Crawford pastor Jerome King Del Pino)
  • Eileen — Sandra and Roy Lawson’s sister-in-law — who is experiencing multiple medical difficulties
  • Joyce Cummings’ friend Lloyd who is being treated for multiple myeloma. After some setbacks, he is stable now, but prayers are appreciated as he continues his chemotherapy.
  • Anita Gerrein’s niece, Michele D’Angelo Eacobellis, who is being treated for breast cancer
  • Linda Simson’s friend, Jane Ellis, who lost her husband to cancer and still needs our prayers as she continues with treatment for her own cancer
  • Bernadette’s cousin Cathy Smyth, who has advanced emphysema and is battling chronic pneumonia
  • Amanda Strachan’s mom, Judy Masselam
  • Drew Smith, who is battling a rare and serious illness
  • Barbara Simonson
  • Bernadette Higgins’ friends, Leandra Ellis and Joan Irons
  • Tom McGee
  • All those who struggle with addiction
  • Victims of racial bigotry and injustice of all kinds
  • Victims of gun violence
  • Our nation’s leaders
  • Healthcare workers, first responders and all who are on the front lines
  • Bishop Peggy Johnson and our District Superintendent, Rev. Nizzi Santos Digan
  • The Open Spirit Task Force
  • The United Methodist Church
  • All the men and women serving our country at home and abroad