In this continuation of our look at idolatry, we acknowledge that it would be disingenuous to only point our fingers outward. As I indicated in the first sermon in this series, the most insidious idols are things that, in their proper place, are beautiful, good, and holy. Last week we saw how the bronze snake God told Moses to make to serve as a channel of God’s healing in the wilderness eventually came to displace God and became an idol. Centuries after Moses, King Hezekiah had to destroy it for that reason.

Across the millennia, the Christian church has been battered and bruised by idols allowed to run rampant in our midst. We are on the precipice of repeating one of the most harmful mistakes in the history of the church: making God’s altar synonymous with the government of a nation. Sunday we’ll look at why this is such a problem and how we can be on our guard.

Pastor Anne


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