This sermon focuses on how public discussion of religion and politics might be different from the way we interact with individuals in more private settings. To do that, we’re going to consider an example from northwest Idaho, where unrelenting harassment and intimidation has led to the resignation of the Boundary County Library director, effective Sept. 10, 2022.

This is by no means a unique case, but it clearly mentions the role of some religious communities in the area. Since public libraries are part of local government, it seemed like a good case to examine as we look at the public clash of government and religion. If this were our library in Winchester, how might we respond? What might be appropriate and what might be out of bounds? Is there anything we could or should do from a distance? Most importantly, can you spot the idol?

For more information about the situation in Boundary County, an article from the Idaho Statesman can be found here:

Pastor Anne


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