COVID Protocols

Crawford COVID Protocols – Summer 2021

As COVID-19 cases are low and an increasing percentage of our local, state and church communities have been vaccinated, the Church Council, in conversation with Trustees and Pastor Anne, are happy to announce our eased restrictions while on church property and in the building:

  1. Activities and requirements for group size, masks and social distancing shall conform to CDC and Massachusetts requirements, whichever may be more stringent, in effect at any given time;
  2. Masks and sanitizing materials will continue to be made available indoors and at bathrooms;
  3. Activities should be held outdoors whenever practical, but may be held indoors when appropriate with ventilation and post-activity sanitization wipe-down by sponsors/attendees.
  4. Food and drink are permitted at outdoor activities.

These can continue to be difficult and confusing times for many of us.  If you need help with anything or are just having a down day, please contact the Pastor or one of your Crawford family friends. We are all here to provide support for every person among Crawford’s large and diverse group of members and friends.

We also encourage you to remember those in our community who are facing real challenges with daily life by donating food to our “front porch pantry” – that is being emptied and refilled on a daily basis, and sometimes more than once a day.  Please watch the weekly Messenger for notices about other ways you can contribute.

Contact the church office at or 781-729-5056 if you have any questions.