On Sunday, February 27, Crawford will welcome Agnes Coakley and Nathaniel Cox – founders of In Stile Moderno – who will provide music for our service of worship at 10:00 a.m. All are invited to join us, whether in-person or via our livestream on either Facebook or YouTube.

In Stile Moderno is an ensemble for early music, which Coakley and Cox founded in Basel, Switzerland in 2012. Named after the “modern style” of music which emerged in Italy around 1600, the ensemble is dedicated to music of the seventeenth century, and combines fidelity to historical performance practice with a drive to make early music accessible and relevant to modern audiences. Both as a lute and voice duo and in larger formations with cornetto, organ, voice, and plucked instruments, In Stile Moderno has charmed audiences with their engaging performances of seventeenth-century music in Boston, Vermont, and New York, as well as in concert series in Switzerland, Germany, and France.

Their next concert, “Stay, Time: Lute Songs of John Dowland,” will take place on Saturday, March 12 at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Watertown, MA. Please visit instilemoderno.com for more information.