There is a siege (yes, look it up) of herons that hangs out around the waterfall near the Converse Bridge on Main Street, part of the pond where Sandy’s Island is located, I think it’s called Mill Pond. There are often herons there. Last week, for about 20 minutes, I watched three of them standing on a rock and some branches. Finally, the one on the rock dipped into the water and came up with a fish, about 5 or so inches long, maneuvered it in its beak so that it could be swallowed and down the gullet it went…patience rewarded. Satisfied, this heron flew off…having filled its need. One of the herons on a branch then went over and stood on the rock, figuring that must be the place to be, waiting its turn…patiently. The first heron rested in a nearby tree, content to share the best fishing spot.

And when it started to rain, the herons had enough common sense to seek shelter under the bridge…while I stood there watching…in the rain…getting wet.

We are supposed to be the most intelligent form of life God created…but we have a lot to learn from the so-called less intelligent ones…like patience…and sharing…and being happy satisfying our “needs” instead of our “wants”…and seeking God’s shelter in the storms of life.

– Brian Rogers

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