Those of us in religious professions are always asked about our “sense of call.” How did we come to know and experience God calling us into our various forms of ministry? But the focus on religious vocations has often led people to assume that God doesn’t call people to other types of service or professions. I believe God is calling each and every person as well as the churches, organizations, and corporate entities of which they are a part.

So in this sermon we’re going to begin a conversation about calling and vocation both inside and outside the church. How can we know it’s God’s voice on the phone? Is there some kind of purpose for my life; and, if so, how do I figure that out? What might God be calling Crawford to be and do as we bring our individual callings together for the greater good?

Your phone is ringing. There’s a notification for you on the God app. Join us to explore the ways God might be trying to help you find fulfillment and purpose.

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