Last week we explored a parable found only in Luke that many people find problematic. This week we’re going to a passage that few people have issues with. In fact, it’s often a fallback passage to turn to when we feel stressed.  We read it and hear, “Consider how God cares for the birds and the beautiful flowers; don’t worry—God will take care of you, too!” It can be found in Matthew 6:25-34 and Luke 12:22-34. In last week’s sermon, you learned some Bible study tips. We’re going to apply those to this week’s passage, too; because there’s a larger teaching here.

While the larger teaching is frequently missed in church, Hollywood did not miss it. Learn about the passage and have some fun by watching the 1963 classic film, Lilies of the Field, starring Sidney Poitier. You won’t regret it!

— Pastor Anne

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