Friends, it has been a week.  With all the chaos in our country and in our denomination, yesterday I found myself on my way to church praying for understanding, compassion and wisdom.  Not a great psychic or spiritual space from which to move into a jam packed day of ministry.

With my hands and heart full, I walked from my car to the church door and was met with two smiling children from United Methodist Nursery School (UMNS).  They greeted me with, “Hello, Pastor Hope.”  As they held the door for their classmates, each giving exuberant high-fives to their friends, they told me about their day.  I didn’t think I would/could get out of my funk, but there they were evangelists of God’s presence and love.

At the beginning of worship each week, I ask where you have seen or experienced God.  Each week, I am blessed to hear about your experience of God in the beauty of creation, playing with grandchildren, sitting with a grieving friend, meeting immigrant neighbors for a cup of coffee and listening to stories of struggle and hope.  Each week in church, your God moments feed my soul.

So, here’s my moment:  yesterday, God met me in two four year old children who welcomed me with unforced grace and exuberant love.  Thanks be to God.

See you in church,