She's preaching about what?

Crawford is going to have an absolutely “monstrous” fall. Faith in an Age of Monsters is our fall theme as we look at how to steward the planet, our actions, and our faith in this age of unprecedented and existential threats.

The sermon series outlined below will be complemented by several special events (all free and open to the public so plan to bring your friends and neighbors) and opportunities which will help make this fall monstrously fun as well as thought-provoking. James has some great music in store for us, too, and there will be children’s messages in worship each Sunday; so you won’t want to miss a single week.

Until the Dragon Comes

Sunday, October 8, Pastor Anne began a sermon series on various kinds of monsters that challenge our faith: Global pandemics, monster storms, unchecked violence, political upheaval, and so much more. What does faithfulness look like as dragons threaten? What is a monster anyway? What does heroism look like for Christians? Click here for more specifics on each week’s topic.  

Has Crawford Helped You Survive the Storms?

A core teaching of Christianity is that we need not face the monsters of our lives alone. When the series ends on Nov. 19, we’ll have a chance to pledge our support for Crawford in 2024, celebrating the ways we have stood together in the storms and affirming our intention to continue our support for each other in whatever we face in the coming year. You will receive a pledge card in the mail, you can download one here, or make your pledge online.

Comics Workshop

Come create comics with award-winning cartoonist & graphic novelist Marek Bennett. Blank paper, pencils, and ink pens provided. No experience needed; learn how to bring your monsters to life through comics… EVERYBODY can make comics! Registration required (click here) to ensure we have enough materials for everyone.

Sindy Skinless Concert

This October 28th, Crawford will present a monstrously fun concert. The all-new Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers (an animatronic skeleton quartet) will perform “live” in concert from 7 to 8pm. Young and old will enjoy their parodies of popular tunes as well as new songs for this season presented for the first time!

Drake the Painted Rock Snake

Drake, our painted rock snake, is “living” and growing at the edge of our property on the wall that runs along Church Street. If you haven’t had the chance to check her out, click here to see some examples of the rocks that make up her growing form, then find a rock, pull out your paints, and add your own!