Are you thinking of becoming a member of the Crawford family? Or would like you like more information on membership? Great! You’re in the right place.

Where Can I Find Out About Membership?

Everything you need to know about joining Crawford Memorial United Methodist Church can be found in a Membership Information Session conducted by the pastor. When enough people are interested in membership, the pastor may conduct a New Member class.

What Is Involved In Membership?

Each new member is assigned a sponsor. The sponsor guides you through the process and introduces you to other members of the church. In essence, they are your liaison as you get to know everyone. Then, two to four times a year, we set aside time in a regular Sunday service to welcome new members. It is a short ceremony, much like a baptism, and your sponsor stands with you as you join the church.

Do Members Get Special Privileges?

Simply, no. Members, friends, and visitors alike are welcome and invited to participate in all services, activities, and missions associated with Crawford. Membership is a personal way to make a commitment to yourself and to God.