At Crawford we are having a Service of Blessing, outdoors, on the first Sunday of each month. What we bless will change from month to month, but the theme remains the same: Let’s counter the dark and difficult days in which we live with small acts of kindness and blessing.

This video is in four parts, each of which is also posted separately on our channel. Part I: “Why We Bless Things” by Rev. Anne Robertson Part II: “How to Make an Aspergillum” by Jessica Rubenstein (a craft project) Part III: “Blessing of the Ground Instructions” by Rev. Anne Robertson (specifics for the first Blessing service on Sept. 6, 2020) Part IV: “Vibrations” by Shota Weaver (A wildlife short film, used here with permission. To view this piece separately, visit Shota Weaver’s channel at:…)

Watch it all here.

If you want to just check out the parts individually:

  • Why We Bless Things (video by Pastor Anne)
  • Craft Project: How to Make an Aspergillum (video by Jessica)
  • Blessing of the Ground—What to Expect on September 6 (video by Pastor Anne)
  • Vibrations: A Nature Video by Shota Weaver

The Blessing of the Ground service was live on Sunday, September 6, 2020.  You can see the highlights here.