Most of the characters in the book of Job, including Job himself, are questioning why bad things happen to good people. As a result, we tend to read it thinking that’s the question the book is trying to answer. We then come away mad that it doesn’t answer the question, and frequently upset at the nature of God it presents.

And what is Satan doing at God’s staff meeting anyway? I think we have misunderstood the question behind the story of Job’s misfortune as well as the type of literature we’re dealing with. Join us Sunday for a different take on both the question and the book.

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The Real Question of Job

The Real Question of Job

Most of the characters in the book of Job, including Job himself, are questioning why bad things happen to good people. As a result, we tend to read it thinking that’s the question the book is trying to answer. We then come away mad that it doesn’t...

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Where Are the Prophets?

Where Are the Prophets?

The full question submitted for this week was actually, “Why don’t we have prophets and prophecy now? Someone said it was because Jesus was the ‘ultimate’ prophet.” I believe we do have prophets and prophecy now, but because we frequently...

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How to Understand the Trinity

How to Understand the Trinity

This week’s question has been asked many times in many settings. What is the Christian doctrine of the Trinity supposed to mean? How do we understand it? Where did it come from? How important is it? The Christian calendar follows the celebration of...

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Can These Bones Live?

Can These Bones Live?

On Pentecost Sunday we focus on the gift of the Holy Spirit. In honor of the occasion, the question for this week will be the one that God asks of Ezekiel as they survey a mass grave of dry bones in Ezekiel 37: “Mortal, can these bones live?” After...

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Finding Hope

Finding Hope

This sermon topic comes from a person discouraged by the constant barrage of violence, hate, and corruption that fills every news cycle. The person wrote, "Sometimes it's hard not to feel hopeless, that [what I do] is just not enough -- like God...

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Honoring Parents Who Don’t Deserve It

Honoring Parents Who Don’t Deserve It

One of the Ten Commandments (either #4 or #5, depending on how you count) says, "Honor thy father and thy mother." We often breeze past that just like we breeze into Mother’s Day and Father’s Day thinking, "Who can possibly have a problem with...

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