This Sunday, the fourth Sunday of Easter, is known as Good Shepherd Sunday.  It is the day that we hear the Psalm most of us know by heart, the 23rd Psalm, as well as the text from John’s Gospel in which Jesus reminds us that he is our shepherd and the sheep (that would be us) recognize his voice. He calls his sheep by name.  He leads us and we follow because we know his voice.

In these days of staying at home, I find comfort in knowing that God in Jesus is still calling me to follow God out of the gate and into the world.  Some of the ways I recognize God’s voice is in you.

I hear God in Keiko, despite the circumstances, sharing the gift others need and we can provide of Blessing Bags with people who were once strangers but can now be called acquaintances (if not friends).

I hear God in Jessica’s grief over the loss of one of her friends and professors who died from COVID-19.

I hear God in the celebration of birthdays with friends who drive by to sing “Happy Birthday” and who leave birthday blessing signs in front yards.

I hear God in the reverent prayers of our friends and neighbors for those who are sick and those who care for them.

It seems like the resounding message these days is that God is still with us, right where we are ….in physically distant lines at the grocery, in Zoom calls with family, in tea parties with 6 year-olds who are delighted to host and so sad they cannot be together in person.

As we approach the fourth Sunday of Easter, we are reminded that we are God’s people, the sheep of God’s fold, lambs of God’s flock, the ones of God’s own redeeming, even here, even now.

For this, for God, for you, I am grateful.

“See” you on Sunday,